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anabatic. A wind that blows up mountain slopes.

breeze. Winds less than 50km/hr.

cyclone. Area of low pressure often giving rise to violent storms.

foehn wind. Dry, warm air blowing down a mountain.

gale. Winds between 51 and 87 km/hr.

hurricane. Winds in excess of 119 km/hr. A tropical cyclone in the Caribbean and North Atlantic.

jet stream. Strong continuous wind at high altitudes, usually blowing west to east.

katabatic. Gravity induced downward movement of air.

prevailing wind. The predominate wind in a particular area.

roaring forties. Strong westerly winds in the latitudes 40o to 50oS.

squall. Short lived wind in the opposite direction as the prevailing wind.

storm. Winds between 88 and 119km/hr.

tornado. A very strong whirlwind usually less than 500m in diameter, travelling between 20 and 60km/h.

trade winds. Regular winds blowing from sub-tropical to equatorial regions.

typhoon. Tropical cyclone (hurricane) particularly in the China Sea.

whirlwind. A narrow column of rapidly rotating air.

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