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ANNELIDS Segmented worms earthworms, leaches
NEMATODES Pointed worms roundworms, threadworms
PLATYHELMINTHES tapeworms, flatworms
COELENTERATES Marine animals with a central mouth jellyfish, anemones, corals
ECHINODERMATES Marine animals, bodies have 5 segments sea urchins, starfish, sea cucumbers
MOLLUSCS a broad foot, protective shell, feeding tongue, gills.
Gastropods Marine, freshwater or tetrestrial gastropods slugs and snails
Lamellibranch Bivalves oysters, muscles
Cephalopods Evolution of foot into tentacles squid, octopus, cuttlefish
ARTHROPODS Hard exoskeleton, segmented bodies.
Arachnids Bodies divided into two parts, 4 pairs of legs spiders, mites
Crustrations Aquatic, thickened exoskeletons woodlice, shrimps, crabs,
Insects Flying animals, body split into 3 parts bees, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies ...
Myriapods Long segmented bodies centipedes and millipedes
CHORDATES Spinal rod, closed blood system, two sets of limbs and a brain enclosed in a skull.
Fish Cold blooded, gills, fins instead of limbs. hagfish, sharks, lungfish, all other fishes
Amphibians Cold blooded, usually aquatic frogs, toads, newts
Reptiles Cold blooded, dry skin, scales and lungs turtles, tortoises, snakes crocodiles and lizards
Birds Warm blooded, wings and feathers running and flying birds
Mammals Warm blooded, hairy skin, live young
Chiropters Flying mammals bats
Insectivore Insect eaters shrews, moles, hedgehogs
Rodents Gnawing mammals squirrels, mice, porcupines
Lagomorphs rabbits and hares
Cetaceans Marine mammals whales and dolphins
Carnivores Meat eaters cats, dogs, bears, otters
Artiodactyls Even toed hoofed mammals deer cattle pigs
Perissodactyls Odd toed hoofed mammals horses, tapirs, rhinos
Primates Opposing thumbs lemurs, monkeys, apes, us

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